Tim Bowley at Mieres EOI

Tim Bowley

Tim Bowley has been telling stories for a long long time. He started by chance, more than thirty years ago in a Music Festival in Britain. He was asked to tell a story while some friends of his played the accompanying music. They spent the night rehearsing and the following day gave their first performance. It was a huge success … and the beginning of his career as a story teller. Since then he has toured Europe and the States, he’s told his tales in schools, universities, theatres, pubs, living rooms, historical buildings, caves, churches… and last Tuesday we were lucky to have him with us in our school. We had a lovely time listening to his stories from around the world, didn’t we?

If for whatever the reason you missed it, you can still read the stories in his book Seeds in the Wind, that you can borrow from the school library.

Which of the stories did you like best? Tell us about it!

2 Responses to “Tim Bowley at Mieres EOI”

  1. 1 michael

    If you can get a message to Tim can you ask if he is the same Tim Bowlet who used to live in The Crescent in Felpham.
    If so can he email me on mikeingram@manx.net

  2. 2 Nathalie Augusto

    Dear Tim Bowley

    I’ve read your book Seeds in the Wind and i consider the stories fascinating. I am telling the story Jack and Death to the students of my school, ’cause we are celebrating in my country (Portugal) The Reading Week. They just love it.

    Congratulations for your excellent work.

    Just one more question. How can i get your book in the english version.

    Best regards,

    Nathalie Augusto

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